Friday, July 11, 2014


Many people who call themselves Christians are CHEAP when it comes to the Kingdom of God, and they will quote you scripture. They will say:”Freely you have received, freely give,” but they don't want to FREELY GIVE. They want everything for free, even salvation. Salvation COST the highest price, Jesus Christ paid the highest price for our salvation and if we want salvation we will also pay the highest price. It might cost you EVERYTHING, it might cost you your life.
If we are not willing to give up EVERYTHING for Jesus, we are not worthy of Him. If we are CHEAP we are not suitable for the Kingdom of God. If we do not give our BEST SACRIFICE for the Kingdom of God we are not worthy of Jesus Christ. Most Christians pay out a lot of money for their cellphone, their movies, their cable connection (TV), their pleasures, their holidays but when it comes to the Kingdom of God they are stingy. They want to know: WHAT WILL IT COST THEM? WHAT WILL THEY HAVE TO GIVE UP to follow Jesus Christ? You will have to give up everything because if you do not give it up you will lose it in any case AND you will LOSE YOUR LIFE FOR ETERNITY!
If you follow Jesus you have to give up everything to receive everything because eternal life is everything. Jesus Christ is LIFE and He is EVERYTHING, but you WILL PAY THE PRICE.
Are you willing to give up everything for Jesus and eternal life or do you want it FOR FREE?

May Jesus bless you.

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