Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Bible is NOT God's WORD

It was a very clever plot of the devil to get people to believe that the Bible is God's Word because once people believe in a book you can change the book and you can use the book to manipulate people to do what you want them to do. The Bible is just a book, it was written by people.
There are more than 300 different versions and translations of the English Bible alone. Every church and denomination and person who is of a different opinion of his interpretation of the Bible has taken the liberty to change and interpret the Bible, “God's Word” as they say, to their own liking. The Jefferson Bible has been modified to exclude the miracles of Jesus, the words of Jesus. Still people say the Bible is the WORD OF GOD and they believe in it. They believe that it is the COMPLETE WORD OF GOD – whatever God said is contained in the Bible. That is very convenient but it ignores God, it takes God out of the equation and people get busy with the Bible.
God has spoken to many people through the ages. He has revealed Himself to many and some of them wrote down their experiences, and some of those documents are contained in the Bible but that does not make it the Word of God. It is what they heard from God and it does not mean that we have to believe what they said, because they are mere humans.
Jesus Christ Himself is the Word of God and God speaks for Himself. In these last times God spoke to us through Jesus. He sent Jesus to deliver His Words, WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE so that those who believe those words and who OBEY them, they will have eternal life because Jesus WILL REVEAL HIMSELF TO THOSE WHO OBEY HIS WORDS. The words of Jesus, as they were recorded by the eye witnesses and as they were remembered by some of those who heard Him, those words were recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and if we take those words seriously and we seek Jesus with all our heart He will reveal Himself to us and we will get to KNOW HIM FOR REAL and then we will HEAR the WORD OF GOD because God Himself, Jesus Christ in the flesh, who IS also God, He will SPEAK to us. Man will not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the MOUTH of God. God will speak to us IN OUR SPIRIT, we will get to KNOW Him, we will get to KNOW Jesus Christ.
A collection of books called the Bible is NOT THE WORD OF GOD. It is the most lucrative publication that has ever been sold. More copies of the Bible have been sold and published than any other book in the whole wide world and the same publishers that publish the Bible also publish the satan's bible and all the other versions because it makes MONEY.
If you want to know the truth, SEEK JESUS and He will reveal Himself to you. Many people think that if they quote Bible verses, even if they quote the words that Jesus spoke that they will have salvation. It is not those who read the Bible, who quote it and who preach it that are saved or that will have LIFE, it is those who KNOW Jesus Christ, who OBEY Him and who FOLLOW Him, those who KNOW the LIVING GOD and who live in relationship with Him.
Jesus will say to many in that day:”Go away I NEVER KNEW YOU,” and they will be disappointed to learn that they were deceived by the devil, by people, they thought they were saved based on what they believed from the scriptures, from the Bible but they never got to know Jesus – they were deceived by the devil!
Dear friend, we need to KNOW JESUS and He needs to know us. He is GOD, He is ALIVE. His sheep LISTEN to his voice and they follow Him every day. They live to please Him. Many people live like the devil and the quote the Bible and they believe they have eternal life. The devil also quotes the Bible but he does not obey Jesus. He knows Jesus but he will not follow nor obey Him. He knows God, he knows the Word of God and he knows to deceive people but we need to KNOW Jesus. Knowing your Bible will not save you. The Bible is NOT God's Word. You need to HEAR God speaking to you.
If you do not HEAR God speaking to you, then you are not one of His sheep. If you SEEK HIM you will FIND HIM. If we draw closer to Him He will draw closer to us and He will reveal Himself to us.
Do not be deceived. Seek Jesus for yourself and you will find Him. Obey Him and follow Him until the very end and you will have LIFE.
If we do not follow Him and obey Him and live for Him until the end then He will also reject and deny us. If we have no relationship with Him right now in this life, WHAT DO WE WANT TO HAVE TO DO WITH HIM FOR ETERNITY? If we don't know Him now we will never know Him. Get to know Jesus NOW before it is for ever TOO LATE!

May Jesus bless you.

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