Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Feelings are DECEPTIVE

Feelings are DECEPTIVE, feelings are our FLESH and people go after feelings, they want to FEEL GOOD. Christians go to a church that preaches a NICE MESSAGE that makes them feel good, they walk out and they say:”We are uplifted! We felt so GOOD.”
It is not pleasant to be disciplined and corrected when we do wrong but if we do not accept discipline and correction we will end up in the wrong place. We must not go after nice feelings and feeling good because then we will turn away from Jesus. It is rather better to be disciplined by God and to correct ourselves, to stay in the race. Jesus will not always send us to nice places or give us a nice task to do. His assignments, those things that He sends us to do, are often not pleasant but we can only be pleasing to Him IF we obey Him.
It is not pleasant to correct or discipline a child. It is not pleasant to tell your friends they must repent or they will end up in hell, they might reject you. But if we care for them we will tell them the truth. The truth is often not pleasant but if we love the truth it will set us free and save us.
We must be seeking obedience and the approval of God at any cost, even at the cost of rejection and persecution. If we go after pleasure and feeling good we will not follow Jesus Christ. Following Jesus Christ is a lonely and often unpleasant road. Follow Jesus UNTIL THE END and you WILL FEEL GOOD when you receive your reward.

May Jesus bless you.  

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