Saturday, July 26, 2014

Most Christians are NOT WORTHY

Most believers who call themselves Christians will not have eternal life, they will end up in hell because they are not worthy of Jesus Christ. They are not worthy of the calling with which He called them. They are not willing to turn their back on the world and the things of the world and follow Jesus. They refuse to live in His presence and to obey Him. They despise His grace, they just want His benefits and therefor they will end up in hell because they are unworthy of Him. They do not associate with Jesus Christ, they just want to believe and be saved. They will not sacrifice their pleasures, the pleasures of sin and the acceptance of people and they will not take the scorn of Jesus on them. They deny Him in front of this world and therefor He will also deny them.
If we deny Jesus Christ then He will also certainly deny us. We have to be worthy of Him. We have to go ALL THE WAY, ALL THE TIME, EVERY DAY UNTIL THE VERY END. If we are not living FOR Jesus and WITH Jesus, we will end up away from Jesus for eternity because we are not worthy of Him.
Are we proving worthy of the calling with which Jesus called us?

May Jesus bless you.

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