Sunday, July 20, 2014

God gave you EARS

When you tell Christians to PRAY and ask God for guidance, they are quick to tell you that God gave you common sense but they forget that God gave us ears also! Very few people use their ears, very few people LISTEN to God.
Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to MY voice and they FOLLOW Me.” Very few believers LISTEN to Jesus, very few are His sheep and therefor very few follow Him. It is only those who follow and obey Jesus who are His true sheep, who SERVE Him and DO what is pleasing to Him.
If we ACCEPT Jesus He opens our SPIRITUAL EARS so that we can HEAR Him. If we WAIT on Him and LISTEN, He will speak to us, He will teach us and He will guide us. If we SEEK Him we find Him but very few people are interested in listening to Jesus and that is why most people will end up in hell!
Do you have spiritual ears and do you LISTEN to Jesus? Do you FOLLOW Him and do what is pleasing to Him or has God given you COMMON SENSE that you rather use than to listen to and follow Jesus Christ? LISTEN to Jesus and you will LIVE!

May Jesus bless you.

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