Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Religious BIGOTS will end up in HELL

Religious people are in severe danger of HELL FIRE. Religious people are BIGOTS. Religious people believe that they have the ultimate truth and therefor they reject everything else, they even reject the truth. They hold on to their opinions and their chosen doctrines, to their own interpretation of the Bible and they are CLOSED to the truth. They are not receptive to the truth. They will not accept Jesus Christ and they will not be led by the Holy Spirit.
Most seriously religious people stand by THEIR INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE and that is why they reject Jesus. That is why the pharisees had Jesus crucified, they rejected Him, they rejected the truth. Religious bigots find their security in THEIR BELIEFS, that is their IDOL. They trust in themselves and they trust in their OWN BELIEFS, their own understanding, they do not trust in Jesus, they do not trust in God and therefor they are IDOLATERS and they will not accept the truth, they will not have eternal life.
If you want eternal life you have to trust Jesus with all your heart, accept Him as your King, your Master, your Lord, your Teacher. Open your heart to Him, let Him teach you, be taught by the Holy Spirit, PRAY, LISTEN, WAIT on Him and He will guide you, He will teach you. But if you stick to your opinion and you reject Jesus, you refuse to TRUST HIM, you will end up in hell because you will refuse to follow Him, you will refuse to be taught by Him.
If you want eternal life you have to TRUST and FOLLOW Jesus Christ. Do you truly KNOW Jesus? Do you TRUST Him? Do you LISTEN to Him? Do you WAIT ON HIM and do you FOLLOW Him? Or are you a religious BIGOT who rejects Jesus and will therefor end up in hell?

May Jesus bless you.  

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