Friday, March 6, 2015

Books and Certificates do NOT Qualify you

Buying the books, studying the books, passing the exams on the books and attaining a certificate, does not qualify you for a profession. You have to PROVE by your PERFORMANCE that you are qualified for a profession. Many people have the certificates but they cannot do the job.
Studying the Bible, going through the motions, being baptized in water, having a baptism certificate, having a church membership certificate, all of that does not make you a follower of Jesus Christ. You have to DO what is written in your Bible, you have to FOLLOW Jesus Christ, you have to KNOW Him, you have to HEAR HIS VOICE, FOLLOW Him and OBEY Him or else you are not a follower of Jesus Christ, you are not a disciple.
Many are PROFESSING Christians but very few of them are PRACTICING Christians. You cannot be a preacher by just studying the Bible, if you do not HEAR from Jesus you cannot speak the words of Jesus. You have to HEAR FROM HIM and speak His words, then you are a MESSENGER OF GOD.
Many people are FAKES, PRETENDERS, theoretical Christians, they are not followers of Jesus Christ. They follow after their LUSTS and they PRACTICE SIN. If we follow Jesus Christ we DO what He commanded as is also written in the Scriptures, we PRACTICE righteousness and holiness and we LISTEN to His voice, we FOLLOW Him and we SERVE Him as LORD.
We have to PROVE by our PERFORMANCE that we are QUALIFIED children of God or else we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Are we just Bible readers, professing Christians or do we practice what Jesus Christ preached? Are we truly children of God?
May Jesus bless you.

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