Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You have to WORK at your Salvation

One of the biggest lies that is told in churches are the words:”YOU ARE SAVED.” Nobody is saved until they have endured with Jesus Christ until the very, very end. We have the HOPE of salvation if we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Master and we FOLLOW Him, we OBEY Him and we GO WITH HIM, we ENDURE with Him until the very end. We are only SAFE as long as we stay WITH JESUS CHRIST.
Those who enroll for a marathon have not completed the race, neither will they win the prize unless they run the race according to the rules and they complete the race within the specified time. Only those who run the race ACCORDING TO THE RULES within the specified time will win a medal, the rest will only be disappointed because they didn't make it. You will not have eternal life if you do not endure with Jesus Christ and follow Him, every day, until the very end. You have to WORK AT YOUR SALVATION EVERY DAY, you have to work very hard. You have to GO AFTER Jesus, you have to SEEK Him, you have to OBEY Him. You have to RESIST the devil every day and you must CHOOSE, either to go with Jesus or to go with friends, either to do what you please, your own desires, or to do what Jesus Christ tells you to do, what He wants you to do. But YOU have to FOLLOW HIM, you have to GO AFTER HIM, you have to SEEK HIM. Many will try hard to enter the kingdom of Heaven but they will not be able.
Only those who endure until the very, very end and who stay with Jesus, they will have eternal life. Only those who OBEY Him, who OVERCOME sin, the lusts of the flesh and who stay obedient to Jesus until the very end, only they will have eternal life. Only those who WORK FOR the kingdom of God until the end will have the prize of eternal life. There is no space for QUITTERS in heaven. We have to ENDURE UNTIL THE END or else we will perish, we will not have eternal life. Salvation is HARD WORK. If you do not work at it  every day and endure until the end you will not make it.
May Jesus bless you.

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