Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Control Yourself SIN NO MORE

The wages of sin is death, if you sin you will burn in hell. You have to CONTROL YOURSELF and STOP SINNING or you will perish. People say that they cannot stop sinning but they believe satan's lies. Many people are addicted to nicotine, tobacco,  but they can abstain from smoking on a Trans-Atlantic flight, for 18 hours they can go without smoking, even though they are addicted. The same people who say that they cannot stop sinning can go for a job interview, control themselves, for 30 minutes, and just say the right things to make sure that they get the job. People go to all kinds of lengths to impress people. They can BEHAVE THEMSELVES for and hour, a day, a week because they really want something but when it comes to SINNING the BELIEVE that they cannot stop sinning.
You cannot follow Jesus Christ if you cannot control yourself. If you cannot control yourself and you are FORCED (compelled) to do certain things then you are DEMON POSSESSED and you NEED DELIVERANCE.
Jesus Christ sets you FREE from all bondage and He puts you in CONTROL so that you can FOLLOW HIM. Jesus Christ will not control you, He will not FORCE you, He will GUIDE you but YOU have to CONTROL YOURSELF, STOP SINNING, FOLLOW HIM  and DO what He commands you to do. You VOLUNTARILY follow Jesus Christ. You  follow Him because you WANT TO.
The reason why people do not stop sinning is because they do not think that Jesus sees them. They think that they can keep on sinning and get into heaven – that is a lie from satan! If you SIN YOU WILL BURN. Without holiness no man shall see God. To be holy means to be PURE, clean, without spot or blemish, not one single sin, not one white lie, not one impure thought. You have to CONTROL YOURSELF, control your mind, control your thoughts, control your deeds, get your focus on Jesus Christ, follow Him and DO what is pleasing to Him  or you will perish.
If you do not CONTROL YOURSELF and FOLLOW Jesus Christ, press on into the kingdom of God then you will not enter, you will not have eternal life. You have to control yourself and FOLLOW HIM, resist the devil and he will flee from you, but follow Jesus. Control yourself and follow Jesus until the very, very end.  Only those who endure until the very end will make it, only they will be saved. Control yourself and follow Jesus Christ or you will perish.
May Jesus bless you.

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