Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guard your relationship

Many Christians believe that Jesus Christ has done everything for them and that He will do everything for them, they just have to believe in Jesus Christ and then Jesus will do everything for them. There is nothing further from the truth.
Jesus said that :”Whoever WISHES to COME AFTER ME must DENY himself every day, pick up his cross and come here follow Me.” If we want eternal life, WE have to turn away from sin, WE have to turn away from our own desires, WE have to go after Jesus Christ, WE have to control ourselves. WE have to GO AFTER Him with everything that is in us. WE have to guard our relationship with Jesus Christ, He will not do it for us. WE have to follow HIM if we WISH. If we don't, if we do not OBEY Him, if we do not go after Him and if we do not guard  our relationship with Him, we will PERISH. If we refuse to serve Him then He is not our Lord, then He is nothing to us and if we deny Him He will certainly deny us also.
WE have to go after Jesus Christ if we want eternal life. WE have to be righteous and holy and obedient to HIM. We have to serve HIM, He will not serve us, He is GOD, He is LORD, He is KING, He is MASTER, He RULES but if we disregard Him He will also disregard us. WE have to guard our relationship with Jesus Christ. If we do not hear His voice then WE have to ask Him WHY: What is wrong with the relationship? What have we done wrong? What do we need to do to fix our relationship with Him? WE have to GO AFTER HIM and make sure that we KEEP UP WITH HIM or else WE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND, we will PERISH!
Jesus Christ will not do it all for you and for me, WE have to go after HIM and ENDURE, stay WITH HIM until the very end. Only those who endure UNTIL THE END will have eternal life. Do not be fooled. Guard your relationship with Jesus Christ above all things. That is the only relationship that will matter for eternity.
May Jesus bless you.


  1. Hello Man of God! I have heard your videos and I take them very seriously! I have also heard of Mary K Baxter and Angelica Zombranos and they and their testimonies about heaven and hell is the reason for my change, I went from being sinful to being holiness, I pray to God our father in his son's Jesus Christ my savior name and I read the bible every day, I have experienced hearing from angels in my dreams from the Lord, and I asked him to show me what is pleasing to him and he has shown me various things but to hear from him(Jesus) I can recall that I dreamed that Satan tried to deceive me by appearing to me as Jesus but I knew exactly who he was and plead the blood of Jesus and screamed false prophet and then that's when I heard the Lords voice saying " my sheep knows my voice" and I could feel love in his voice, so he did answer me. Jesus told me that I was chosen but I don't quite know what I'm suppose to do, he hasn't used me like he used you and others but I do share your videos and other videos to get it across for people to follow Jesus and people ask me to pray for them and I do, I have a peacemakers spirit so any time I see confrontation, I go speak about Jesus Christ to them and they are at ease.Thank you for your videos and I will continue to share them. May the Lord continue to use you and your wife. Have a peaceful and prosperous day.

    1. Keep on seeking Jesus and He will guide you. Without Jesus we can do nothing, dear friend. May Jesus bless you.

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