Friday, March 20, 2015

God destroyed my TV twice

Some 25 years ago I came back to the Lord Jesus after being backslidden for about 10 years and I had changed so much in a very short period of time that I did not fit into my job any more. I was not the fun guy any more  and my boss asked me to resign. Then followed a period of severe hardship, I couldn't find a job but in that time we got closer to God, we got serious about Jesus and one day the TV broke. So my kids said:”Dad the TV broke. “ And I said:”You know what guys, this is a very good thing because now we are going to be a family again. We are not going to slump in front of the TV, we are going to sit and eat at a table like we should have been doing in the first place, and after we have had dinner  we are going to read the Bible and we are going to pray together as a family.” So we never replaced that TV even when I found a job and when things changed in my life. My children grew up without a TV. I have three boys and they are MEN in their own right. They were not deprived for not having a TV. They have excelled in life.
When God sent us to the USA we bought a TV because we wanted to know how things fit together here, what people do. We hadn't been watching TV for many years and I figured that was the best way to find out what is happening. So, dear friends, I bought a TV and we saw all the evil that we had not seen for many years, for like 20 years. We saw the TBN's, we saw all these prosperity preachers. We saw all the wickedness that we were not even aware that it existed. Then one day my wife came into the living room and she said:”Lord Jesus, what is there in this house that displeases You?” and at that moment the TV popped. And she said to me:” You know what?” She said:”I just said to the Lord He must show me what is displeasing to Him in this hose and that TV popped.” So I picked up that TV and I walked outside and I put it right into the dumpster because I knew that God was showing us.
Dear friends, if you want to follow Jesus Christ you cannot have the IDIOT BOX, the ONE EYED GOD, in your house because that thing SUCKS YOU IN. It forms your mind and your opinion and it leaves you NO TIME for yourself to do worth while things, to be productive, it INDOCTRINATES you and worst of all it fills you with the wrong ideas. It brainwashes you, it takes you away from Jesus Christ. It fills you with A REALITY that is FABRICATED – you are indoctrinated by the devil.
Now you know, God destroyed my TV twice because He loves me and He cares for me and I want to tell you today, YOU DON'T NEED A TV, YOU NEED JESUS CHRIST. You need to be led by the Holy Spirit of God because if you watch that thing, that evil thing, all that  evil stuff that they dish up for you, you have got no time left for Jesus Christ. That becomes your reality.
Your reality must be Jesus Christ. You have got to get your VISION and your inspiration from the Holy Spirit, NOT from the TV. So if you want to be a real disciple of Jesus Christ, GET RID OF THAT TV. Cut the chord and destroy it so that it cannot go and destroy somebody else's life, and then start following Jesus Christ and He will reveal Himself to you.
REPENT OF TV, my friend and follow Jesus.
May Jesus bless you.
(This message was recorded in 2012)

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  1. I believe nowadays it's internet, instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr etc etc, that capture people. And earphones! "Nobody" bothers to watch the telly anymore, apart from senior citizens.