Saturday, March 7, 2015

Losing Your Salvation

Salvation is a WALK, a COVENANT, a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. As long as we are WITH HIM we are doing well but if we DISOBEY Him and go away from Him then we are in danger of hell fire. The only safe place is to be WITH Jesus Christ, close to Him. If we SIN and DISOBEY Him  then that sin comes between us and Him and it damages our relationship with Him.
Jesus Christ will never leave us, He will never DIVORCE us but if we want a divorce He will not hold us back. If we are serious about following Him and staying in that close relationship with Him then He will help us every step of the way. If we go away from Him we lose His benefits and He might discipline us, he might chastise us, our life can go terribly wrong, we can lose earthly things, we can get into sickness. If we open the door to the devil, watch TV, play video games, go along with wrong friends,  fornicate away from Jesus  Christ, if we live in sin, He will discipline us and severely discipline us. Some people get AIDS, other people get incurable diseases. WHY? Because Jesus wants them to REPENT, to come back to Him, not do die and end up in hell.
Jesus cares for us and He will not forsakes us, He will not abandon us but if we keep on destroying our relationship with Him and if we keep on running away from Him, if we keep on LIVING IN SIN and disobeying Him, disregarding the Holy Spirit that speaks to us, that convicts us to be holy, righteous and faithful to Jesus then in the end we will die in our sins, not because Jesus rejected us but because we were unfaithful to Him, we rejected Him, His love, His mercy, His goodness.
Jesus will never abandon or reject us but if we keep on rejecting Him, WE REJECT LIFE and we will bear the consequences.
How close is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you love Him, do you obey Him? Do you live in holiness and righteousness close to Him? Do you LISTEN to His voice? Are you sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit in you, telling you the will of God or are you going your own way, do you seek your own lusts or do you seek to please Jesus? The Spirit of God will not strive with man for ever. Jesus will not keep on calling you back for ever and ever. There comes a day when the line is drawn, when you suddenly die  and you stand before Him and He says to you:”You never wanted Me. You never truly got to know Me. I do not know you, go away from Me, you worker of wickedness.”
How close are you guarding your relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Or do you just believe that you have salvation because you are religious? How CLOSE, how INTIMATE is your relationship with Jesus Christ? How much do you REALLY love Him? Do you obey Him and do everything in your power to please Him?
May Jesus bless you.

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