Thursday, March 19, 2015

God's Unwanted Gift

Most professing Christians reject and despise the GIFT that God promised to those who follow and obey Jesus Christ. That is the gift of the Holy Spirit, the constant PRESENCE of Jesus Christ IN and WITH those who seek Him, who love Him and who want to follow Him. Most professing Christians do not want the Holy Spirit, they rather want a newer version of the Bible that they can interpret to their own liking. They do not want the interference of the Holy Spirit, they do not want the guidance and the presence of Jesus Christ IN and WITH them all the time. They just want salvation, they want an assurance that they can live their lives the way that they wish to, that they can go on sinning and fulfill the lusts of the flesh and still have eternal life. They REJECT the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit will convict them of sin righteousness and judgment. He will guide us into all truth and teach us all things, but believers do not want the Holy Spirit, they want things their own way. They REJECT Jesus Christ, they want a God that serves them, that serves their desires. They do not want the truth.
Jesus Christ promised the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of TRUTH that will guide us into all TRUTH and if we do not have the Holy Spirit and do not FOLLOW Him, do not OBEY Him then we will not walk in truth, we will not do the will of God, we will LIVE A LIE, like most believers are living a lie.   They believe they are SAVED. They believe they have eternal life, assurance of salvation, but they don't have the Holy Spirit, they don't have Jesus. They despise the Holy Spirit that God promised to those who follow Jesus.
They do not want to PRAY IN TONGUES. They want to be respectable and accepted by the world, not despised because they love and follow Jesus Christ. They despise God's gift, they despise Jesus Christ and therefor they will perish.
Have you received the Holy Spirit? Do you sense the CONSTANT PRESENCE of Jesus Christ in your life? Are you living holy and are you SEEKING the guidance of  they Holy Spirit? Do you seek MORE of Jesus Christ and His kingdom IN YOU? Or do you also despise God's gift? If we truly love Jesus we will YEARN for Him , we will YEARN for His presence, yearn for His guidance so that we can do what is pleasing to Him. If we do not love Him now and do not WANT to please Him NOW we will not want to spend eternity with Him ether and we will spend eternity in hell away from Him because we despise Him, we despise the gift that God gave, we despise ETERNAL LIFE.
Have you received the GIFT of the Holy Spirit? Do you cherish and obey Him?
May Jesus bless you.

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