Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Ultimate Life Coach

The ultimate life coach is Jesus Christ Himself. He came to show us the way and to tell us how to live to have eternal life. Some of those who walked with Him, who heard Him, who witnessed his deeds, the, eye witnesses, some of them recorded His words and his deeds and we have record of what Jesus Christ said in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John but Jesus did not leave us words only, a record only. He promised his Holy Spirit to guide and to teach and to coach all those who are serious about having LIFE and LIFE IN ABUNDANCE, NOW AND FOR ETERNITY.
Jesus Christ promised His Holy Spirit to GUIDE and COACH and TEACH those who want eternal life but they have to OBEY Him. They have to obey His words, they must REPENT of sin, turn away from wickedness, be baptized in water, and then they can EXPECT to receive the Holy Spirit. If they are SERIOUS about following Jesus Christ He will baptize them in the Holy Spirit like He did to the first believers on the day of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit will come and live in them and be with them and guide them.
There is no better life coach than the Holy Spirit whom Jesus Christ promised to those who want eternal life, but they HAVE TO OBEY HIM, they have to SUBMIT to Him, they have to follow Him every step of the way every day, they have to TRUST Him and NOT GRIEVE Him or else He will leave them. The Spirit of God will not strive with man for ever, we cannot take Him for granted. We have to HUMBLY SUBMIT to Him, SEEK Him, SEEK His guidance, OBEY and FOLLOW and He will guide us and He will teach us in ALL THINGS.
Jesus Christ did not send us a manual, a book or some special prophet or person to guide us, no, He sent us the Holy Spirit to INDIVIDUALLY guide each and every soul who is SERIOUS about eternal life.
Are you serious about LIFE, about ETERNAL LIFE? Then OBEY Jesus, EMBRACE Him with all that is in you. Seek Him with all your heart, OBEY His words, YEAR for Him, YEARN for His Holy Spirit and He will come and LIVE WITH YOU. He will guide you every step of the way until the very end. Have you received the ULTIMATE COACH that Jesus promised to those who love life, who love HIM and who want to spend eternity with HIM? Have you received the Holy Spirit? Do you TREASURE Him, FOLLOW and OBEY Him every day?

May Jesus bless you.

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