Saturday, March 1, 2014

FREEDOM in Jesus Christ

You find true freedom IN Jesus Christ IF you attach yourself to Him, you cling to Him, seek Him always, FOLLOW Him and DO what He tells you to do. But you first need to DETACH yourself from the things of this world, from friends, peer pressure, things that people do, convention, and all that you concern yourself about is WHAT JESUS WANTS.
You cannot find freedom in Jesus if you are still attached to the world, if you still want to fit into the world, be accepted by the world, be accepted by your friends, want to wear the same clothes, conform to the same conventions. Then you are a SLAVE because those things DRIVE you. If you still care about what other people think, what the family think, what your friends think then you CANNOT CARE ABOUT WHAT Jesus thinks. You cannot be seeking the glory of God AND the approval of people.
If you go after the approval of people you will stay in bondage but if you seek the approval of God and follow Jesus Christ YOU WILL BE FREE because you only need to be pleasing to Him. Are YOU free to follow Jesus and DO what he requires of you or are you still attached and in bondage to the world?

May Jesus bless you.

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