Sunday, March 30, 2014

Living a LIE

Most people are living a LIE. They live in a dream world that they have created for themselves where they feel comfortable. An elderly gentleman who was close to me and who was very dear to me died, and on his deathbed he had a bewildered look on his face and he said:”I have been brainwashed all my life.”
I, myself, died of a heart attack in 1998. I thought that I was saved but I found myself on my way to hell. I was living in a dream world that was shattered when unexpectedly I died. Jesus gave me a second chance to come back to come back and warn the world that HELL IS REAL.
Are you also living in a dream world, your own imagination, those things that you believe to be true and valid? Only Jesus can open your eyes and show you REALITY, show you where you stand with Him. Don't wait until it is too late and you find yourself on the brink of eternity on your way to eternal hell.
Ask Jesus NOW to OPEN YOUR EYES, to show you the TRUTH. WAKE UP before it is for ever TOO LATE!

May Jesus bless you.

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