Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Jesus never forces nor manipulates us. He invites us to follow Him and if we follow Him He makes us children of God. He gives us the NEW BIRTH. But if we want to follow Jesus, by our own choice, then there are certain things that He expects of us. There are certain PRIVILEGES that we will receive but there are certain responsibilities that we have to take.
If we are children of God and we follow Jesus Christ we must SUBMIT ourselves to His discipline. We must OBEY Him. If we disobey Him He will discipline us. He does not force us to follow Him. We can leave Him if we so wish but WE WILL BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES. If we refuse Jesus we are already DOOMED and destined for ETERNAL DAMNATION. It is OUR CHOICE whether we want to follow Him but then we must SUBMIT TO HIM and SERVE Him as Lord. Then He becomes our Master because we have accepted Him as KING, LORD and MASTER.
If we reject His RULE then we lose the BENEFITS and we will end up in DAMNATION with the CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE. God never forces us. He does not manipulate us. It is all by FREE WILL. He gives us FREE CHOICE but we will BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES of our ACTIONS. If we want His benefits we have to OBEY Him and SERVE Him as Lord and Master. We cannot do as WE PLEASE any more, we have to live to PLEASE HIM.
Do you want the benefits of Jesus? Do you want ETERNAL LIFE? Do you want PEACE? Do you want an EXPECTATION? Then SERVE Him and OBEY Him or else you will not share in His benefits. You will not have ETERNAL LIFE and you will not spend eternity with Him.

May Jesus bless you.  

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