Monday, March 10, 2014


The organized church system, organized churches, are utterly demonic, controlled by satan and they are part of this world, NOT of the Kingdom of God. They are legitimized by governments because they are not of God. If you follow Jesus Christ you will be rejected and persecuted. You will not be accepted by this world or the world's systems.
Organized churches LEGITIMIZE their own teachings and doctrines and they DEMONIZE the true followers of Jesus Christ. They use the scriptures, the Bible, to support their doctrines by which they bewitch people. They cheat believers into becoming followers and slaves of the church and those believers believe that their church is the only right church, the doctrines of their church are the only right ones, the only ones that can save them. That is a lie from satan, only Jesus Christ can save you.
Organized religion, churches, capture those servants called by God and they make them puppets of their church, of their system and of their doctrines. Many people called by Jesus go into Bible schools and they are indoctrinated, they are made part of the system and they are useless for the Kingdom of God because they are fed, supported and controlled by the church system. They will not listen to the Holy Spirit because they are puppets of the demonic church system.
Organized churches do not build the Kingdom of God, they build their own little empires. They do not take you to heaven, they exploit you and they take you to hell and they use the Bible to do it. They all use the same Bible, some modify and change the Bible and they sell their own version of the Bible, all to enslave you.  (Beware of the commentaries and side notes, satanic interpretations that deceive people) They are servants of satan taking you away from Jesus and making you servants of hell like they themselves are because they are not serving the kingdom of God.
Organized religion mutes eliminates and suppresses those who are called by Jesus to be His servants. Women, children and others called by Jesus to speak His words are muted, eliminated and suppressed, because they (churches) suppress the truth. Samuel was a little boy when he was called and used by God. John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth. Jesus Christ Himself reasoned with the scribes and pharisees and explained the scriptures to them at the age of twelve years old. His wisdom was from the Holy Spirit, not from books and Bible schools and indoctrination from churches. The church system serves satan, it does not serve the Kingdom of God.
“Come out of her My people” and follow Jesus Christ. Be led by the Holy Spirit. You don,'t need to be indoctrinated, you don't need to be taught by men. You need to OPEN YOUR EARS. “LISTEN and your soul will live.” Seek the Lord while He might be found. Draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to you. Open your ears and He will speak to you. LISTEN, OBEY AND FOLLOW HIM or you will perish. COME OUT of the DEMONIC SATANIC CHURCH SYSTEM. Trust no man. Follow Jesus Christ ALONE. He is waiting for you.

May Jesus bless you.

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