Saturday, March 29, 2014

We are NOT all sinners

We are NOT all sinners. We all WERE sinners but some of us have come to know Jesus and we have become OBEDIENT to Him from the heart. If you have met Jesus Christ and you are born again of the Spirit of God you are a new creature. You lose your taste for sin and you acquire the fear of God. You DO NOT SIN. You SEEK the will of God and you follow Jesus, you DO THE WILL OF GOD. You go after Jesus, you seek His guidance all the time and you FOLLOW Him. You WILL NOT SIN.
You might stumble but you will not deliberately sin. Many people think that they can sin and then tonight or afterwards they say:”Lord I am sorry.” If you do not REGRET your sin and come with painful REMORSE before the Lord then you have not repented and He will not forgive you. He KNOWS whether you truly love Him or whether you have iniquity, sin, wickedness in your heart. If we have wickedness in our heart the Lord will not hear our prayer. Those who love Jesus do not sin, WE ARE NOT SINNERS. We are children of God and WE OBEY OUR FATHER.
We have become ABSOLUTELY OBEDIENT to Jesus Christ and we OBEY HIM above everything even above our own desires. Have you met Jesus and are you born again? Or are you still a sinner? No sinners will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We are not all sinners, some of us are sons of God.

May Jesus bless you.

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