Thursday, March 20, 2014

You cannot FORCE GOD

If we need guidance or wisdom we must ask of the Lord and He will freely give it to us, but we cannot FORCE GOD to answer us. Many people think that they can force God to give them an answer to their question. Some people pray and then they open the Bible and they hope that the Bible will open at the answer that God is giving them. That is WITCHCRAFT. That is not WAITING on the Lord.
If we ask of God we must HUMBLY WAIT on Him UNTIL He answers. He will answer in His own way at His owns time. God is GOD, we cannot FORCE GOD. It is not about us and our problem, it is about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.
If we go to Him we must go BELIEVING, EXPECTANTLY, HUMBLY, ask of Him and WAIT on Him and IN HIS TIME, He will give us the RIGHT ANSWER.

May Jesus bless you.

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