Wednesday, March 12, 2014



If you are not living your life to please Jesus Christ, if you are not living righteously and holy in obedience to Him, if you are not denying yourself every day and going after Jesus, seeking to do His will and DOING HIS WILL then you are heading ONE WAY FAST, you are on your way to HELL.
Jesus Christ alone is the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE, there is no other. I am not talking about reading your Bible, or being religious, going to church, quoting scriptures – I am talking about a REAL RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ.
If Jesus Christ DOES NOT KNOW YOU then He will say to you one day when you die:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness. You never had any interest in Me, you have no place with Me ether.”
Where are you heading? Are you going your own way being successful, doing your own thing, achieving your own desires, following your own passions or is your passion Jesus Christ and His kingdom. If you are not following Jesus every day you are LOST and you will end up in DAMNATION. Where are you heading?

May Jesus bless you.

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