Monday, March 31, 2014

Play your OWN PART

I have made many videos pointing people to Jesus, sharing my testimony, sharing those things that Jesus has given me. I have many postings on the internet and there are many people watching the videos, many people reading, many people commenting. There are many people writing me letters, criticizing, they are telling me what to do, what not to do. There are many attacking me, persecuting me.
We will all stand before Jesus and we will all individually give account for what we have done in the flesh, for what we have done for the Kingdom of God. It is not the hearers, not the listeners, not the commenters, not the talkers but it is those who DO the will of God that will receive His approval. Each of us must make sure that we are doing what Jesus requires of us.
I will stand before Jesus and give account and so will you. Will Jesus be pleased with what I have done? Have I done enough? Have YOU done enough? Is He satisfied with us? Are we good workers for His kingdom? Are we bearing good fruit? Is He pleased with out fruit? That is the question that we need to answer for ourselves.
We need to ask Jesus every day:”Lord, am I doing enough? Lord, am I doing what I have been called to do? Am I serving the purpose of the Kingdom of God in such a way that I can enter in and become an heir of that Kingdom? Is Jesus pleased with YOU and with ME?

May Jesus bless you.

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