Thursday, March 6, 2014

With the HEART not the HEAD

You follow Jesus Christ with your HEART not with your HEAD. People want to figure out God. They want to read a book and understand, they want to understand God, they want a road map and unless they can UNDERSTAND with their small little minds, they WILL NOT FOLLOW, they will not DO, they will not OBEY Jesus Christ. It is because they want to figure it out with their HEAD and follow their own mind, their own understanding and their own desires.
If you follow Jesus, you follow Him with your HEART. You TRUST Him with everything that is in you, you PRAY and He puts His Spirit in you, you TRUST Him and you FOLLOW Him. He puts His WORDS in you, He puts His MIND in you. You don't try to figure it out because you TRUST Him, you OBEY Him and you FOLLOW Him.
If you do not TRUST Jesus from the HEART, you will not follow Him, you will not OBEY Him. That is why people rather cling to their Bibles and to other people and to things that they can understand and why they will never KNOW nor FOLLOW Jesus Christ. If you do not TRUST Him from the HEART He will not reveal Himself to you because YOU WILL BE DOUBTING HIM all the time.
Without FAITH it is impossible to please God. If you go to God you must BELIEVE and you must TRUST or else you will RECEIVE NOTHING, you will UNDERSTAND NOTHING. You need to TRUST Him with all your HEART and then He will reveal Himself to you.

May Jesus bless you.  


  1. I love Jesus and trust Him but I wake up feeling anxious. I don't know if its because something is about to happen or if its nervousness about being in the end times. How are we to remain calm when we are scared to death about what is to come? There is talk about major earthquakes, a pole shift, war ,cmes, emps, etc. I am worried about losing my family and friends .and wonder if I should move my family to the mountains. What are we to do during these end times? I AM A NERVOUS WRECK!

  2. Get your focus on Jesus, follow and obey Him. Trust Him. He is in control and He knows how to take care of those who love Him. May Jesus bless you