Thursday, March 13, 2014

Make DISCIPLES OF JESUS not friends


The world wants to make friends with other people, with influential people. Christians like to use the names of famous name preachers, they want to be attached to and associate with famous names and great people. But that is not what Jesus called us for. He commanded us to make disciples of HIMSELF, not to make friends and influence people and build churches. It is all about Jesus and the Kingdom of God, about knowing Jesus and following Him, getting our wisdom and guidance from Him.
If we follow Jesus we will be persecuted, rejected, excluded from worldly people and we have to cherish HIS PRESENCE, His acceptance and His approval more than anything else. If you follow Jesus Christ you will often be alone but you will be with Jesus Christ. It is not about friends and being accepted by others. It is about our relationship with Jesus Christ and being pleasing to HIM.

May Jesus bless you.

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