Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Procrastination and Denial

Many believers will end up in hell because of procrastination and denial. Many KNOW THE WAY but they say:”I still want to live MY LIFE MY WAY, I will follow Jesus tomorrow, or later. I will stop sinning,” but they never get around to it. They always put it off for the next day.
Others are in denial. They say:”God will never do this” and “God will never do that”, “God will never throw His children into hell!” They are in denial and they believe the lies that the devil has told them.
Do not let the devil catch you with procrastination and denial. Do what you have to do TODAY, tomorrow might never come. Listen when the Lord speaks to you TODAY and do not deny Him. Do not deny the TRUTH but OBEY and FOLLOW Jesus TODAY. LISTEN and your soul will live.

May Jesus bless you.  

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