Friday, March 7, 2014

How Fresh Is Your Testimony?

Many people testify of meeting Jesus Christ many years ago, of Him coming into their lives and how they changed but, what happened after that? If we do not have a FRESH TESTIMONY every day then we are not walking with Jesus.
Many people met Jesus years ago and then they believed they were saved but they never stayed with Him, they never followed Him. They believed that they had ARRIVED, they had SALVATION SECURITY but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ. If we do not experience Him every day, if we do not GO AFTER Him every day, if we do not LISTEN to Him, HEAR His VOICE, FOLLOW Him, LEARN from Him, be TAUGHT by Him EVERY DAY, then we are not with Him any more and we do not have a FRESH TESTIMONY, we are just deceiving ourselves.
How fresh is YOUR testimony? How REAL is your relationship with Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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