Tuesday, June 17, 2014


God makes His sun shine on all people, He showers us with goodness but He does not force Himself on us. Sin separates us from God. If we choose to sin and reject God them we will be separated from Him for eternity and we will PERISH. In Jesus Christ, God unites us with Himself IF we follow and obey Jesus Christ, if we GO AFTER Jesus Christ, if we OBEY Jesus and TURN from the world, TURN from sin, turn from running after our own desires and our own mind and we SEEK GOD, we seek to be UNITED with HIM, and we OBEY Jesus Christ, we are BAPTIZED IN WATER and BORN AGAIN of the SPIRIT OF GOD then we are UNITED WITH GOD. He makes His spirit, the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and we have the MIND OF CHRIST, we become ONE WITH GOD.
But most people do not want God, they reject God, they reject Jesus Christ and go after their own desires, they go after the pleasures of sin they will perish. They will spend eternity away from God in DAMNATION. If we do not become UNITED with God in this life, TODAY, if we do not GO AFTER and FOLLOW Jesus every day until the end, if He is not our FIRST PRIORITY and our LIFE, then we will not spend eternity with Him. God will respect our choice and we will spend eternity AWAY FROM HIM IN DAMNATION, IN ETERNAL TORMENT. The choice is ours to become ONE WITH GOD or to spend eternity away from Him in eternal torment.
Are you going after Jesus? Are you seeking to be ONE WITH GOD?

May Jesus bless you.

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