Sunday, June 1, 2014

True believers DESIRE to SERVE Jesus

True followers of Jesus Christ who are really born again, have a desire to serve Him. Jesus Christ is always on their mind. They talk about Him, they testify about Him, they tell others about Jesus. They don't talk about their church or their pastor or some Bible scriptures that amaze them, they TALK ABOUT JESUS because they KNOW Him and they LIVE WITH HIM every day. They have a desire to be pleasing to Jesus, He is always on their mind. They go after Him every day.
The things of the world are not interesting to them, they don't matter. All that matters to them is Jesus, hearing from Him, LISTENING to Him and FOLLOWING Him, DOING what is pleasing to Him, they DESIRE TO SERVE HIM as King and Lord and Master.
Do you have a DESIRE TO FOLLOW Jesus Christ? Are you really BORN AGAIN? Are you a CHILD OF GOD? Do you have a NEW NATURE, a godly nature? Or are you just still a common sinner who pretends to be a Christian? If you really KNOW and love Jesus He will be on your mind all the time and you will always be at your Father's business, doing the will of God.

May Jesus bless you.

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