Monday, June 30, 2014

IN THE SPIRIT not In The Word

Believers have been taught to be IN THE WORD, to be busy with their Bibles, reading their Bibles, studying their Bibles. It is not a bad thing to know your Bible but it is not pleasing to Jesus if you spend your time with your Bible, you have to be FOLLOWING JESUS. If you are IN THE WORD as they say, then you are in your FLESH in your MIND, your mind is busy READING, but Jesus calls us to be IN THE SPIRIT.
We need to be LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, those who are LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD they are the sons of God. God makes His SPIRIT, the Holy Spirit to dwell in those who follow and who obey Jesus, who seek Him and who OBEY Him, who REPENT and who GO AFTER HIM, who are BAPTIZED IN WATER and seek the INFILLING WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. God is SPIRIT and He communicates with us in our spirit. We need to be FILLED with the HOLY SPIRIT and then we will see the Kingdom of God in our spirit, we will HEAR God speaking and we will UNDERSTAND the will of God. We will be LED BY the Spirit of God.
We need to be IN THE SPIRIT not “in the word.” If we spend our time “in the word,” studying, reading the Bible, then we are not IN THE SPIRIT, we are busy with the Bible. We need to FOCUS on Jesus and LISTEN to the Holy Spirit. We need to GO AFTER Him and FOLLOW Him every day and He will guide us into fruitfulness. If we are not IN CHRIST, IN THE SPIRIT, then we cannot bear good fruit, we cannot do the will of God. We need to be IN THE SPIRIT, not “in the word” of the Book.
Are you IN THE SPIRIT? Are you led by the Spirit of God or are you ignoring the Spirit and spending your time in the WORDS OF THE BOOK?
Seek Jesus, seek the Holy Spirit and be guided by the Spirit! You have to be IN THE SPIRIT to be in the will of God and be pleasing to Him.

May Jesus bless you.

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