Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Strangers and Aliens Peculiar People

Those who are truly born again, who follow Jesus Christ, are a DIFFERENT PEOPLE, they do not fit into this world. Even amongst their own family and their own people they are not at home. They do not have ROOTS on this earth, nowhere in the world are they at home.
They are aliens and strangers because they do not care for the things of the world. Their focus and their mind is on Jesus Christ and on doing His will. They are persecuted and rejected and people do not understand them because they ARE DIFFERENT. They do not care for the acceptance of people, neither do they care to fit in with the world but they care to be pleasing to Jesus. They care for the Kingdom of God. They do not care for convention, for the way other people do things, the worldly ways.
They care for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All the other things do not matter to them because they have seen the Light, they KNOW Jesus Christ. They KNOW His VOICE, they LISTEN to Him and they FOLLOW Him. They are a DIFFERENT PEOPLE, a peculiar people, strangers and aliens in this world. Have you met Jesus Christ? Have you seen the Kingdom of God? Have you been changed inside? Have you become a stranger and an alien in this world even amongst your own people? Do you NOT FIT IN any more because you are fitting in to the Kingdom of God? Have you TRULY been born again? Are you a child of God and therefor not of this world any more?

May Jesus bless you.

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