Friday, June 6, 2014

Confused Christians

So many professing Christians are confused and deceived. They believe that they have salvation, their faith is based on what others say. Their faith is based on the Bible but very few of them have a real living relationship with Jesus Christ. If you take their Bibles away from them their whole faith falls to pieces. It is because they have never met Jesus Christ. They do not know Him, they do not have the Holy Spirit.
They just believe that they are saved based on some scriptures, and they will quote you those scriptures. Many believe they are saved by grace and they don't need to do anything, they must just believe in Jesus. That is a lie! If you believe in Jesus after you heard the gospel, YOU WILL OBEY HIM, you will REPENT FROM SIN and you will be BAPTIZED IN WATER. You will OBEY THE WORDS OF JESUS and He will REVEAL HIMSELF TOP YOU. He will give His Holy Spirit in you so that you can FOLLOW Him, LISTEN to Him and be in a close relationship with Him every moment. If you do not have that relationship with Jesus, that you KNOW HIM, that you are always WITH HIM, then you are just confused and deceived.
Many people run to the Bible and to preachers for answers, yet they call themselves Christians. If you follow Jesus then you get all your answers from Him. If you know Jesus then He is your sole source of supply. You don't need anything but Jesus Christ. The reason why so many professing Christians are confused, uncertain, is because they are not following Jesus Christ, THEY DON'T KNOW HIM! They are in darkness!
OBEY the words of Jesus, TURN AWAY FROM SIN, BE BAPTIZED IN WATER, and He will reveal Himself to you. Seek Him and you will find Him. Draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to you! Stay with Him and He will guide you, if you turn your back on Him YOU ARE LOST! We need to STAY WITH JESUS UNTIL THE VERY END. It is all about our personal relationship with Jesus Christ the LIVING GOD. He is the WAY the TRUTH and THE LIFE! Without Him we can do nothing. Without Him we are lost. We need to stay WITH JESUS until the very end.
It is not about being with other Christians, it is about being with Jesus Christ Himself on the lonely road that leads to eternal life. Follow Jesus and you will have LIFE. Follow Jesus and you will KNOW THE WAY because He Himself IS the WAY.

May Jesus bless you.

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