Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Most Christians are NOT SERIOUS

Most Christians are not serious about Jesus Christ, they just want cheap insurance. They want to go to heaven they don't want to go to hell but they are not interested in Jesus Christ or in His words. They are opinionated, self-righteous, self-sufficient and only concerned about themselves, their salvation, their church, their Bible, their life, they want God to do everything for them in their way and at their time. They are not interested in serving Jesus Christ and therefor they do not follow Him and they do not get to know Him and they will spend eternity in hell, because we follow Jesus Christ on His terms.
Jesus said that whoever wishes to come after Me must deny pick up his cross daily and come here follow Me. We have to take the words of Jesus SERIOUSLY, turn away from sin, turn away from our own ways, sacrifice our own desires and go after Him every step of the way, be holy, be righteous, be led by the Holy Spirit. Seek Him always!
Many Christians pray and they do not get and answer and it does not bother them. If you are not serious about Jesus Christ He will also not be serious about YOU. If you are lukewarm He will VOMIT you out of His mouth. Jesus Christ does not accept half measures, we have to BE SERIOUS and follow Him ALL THE WAY. We HAVE TO GIVE EVERYTHING even our lives if necessary IF we want eternal life. There is no CHEAP SALVATION.
If you are not serious He will not answer your prayers. He who goes to God must believe that He IS and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. If you go to Jesus with halfheartedness you will receive nothing! The door will be closed and He will say to you:”Go away I never knew you.” If you are not serious about Jesus, if you do not SEEK Him and do not go after Him you will never get to know Him. If you draw closer to Him He will draw closer to you, but if you are not serious about Him He will turn you away.
Do not fool yourself and think that you can go on like the rest of the world, like the other Christians and that you will end up in heaven, you will end up in HELL because if you are not SERIOUS about Jesus, you will spend eternity away from Him in hell.

May Jesus bless you.

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