Sunday, June 15, 2014


If you know Jesus Christ you will KNOW GOD and you will know the ways of God. If you walk with Jesus He will give you understanding. People want to bring God down to their level but GOD IS NOT A MAN, God's ways are not our ways, God does not think the way that we do.
You will often hear some preachers say that no father will throw his children into hell and that is why God will not throw people into hell, but God will not throw HIS OWN CHILDREN into hell – THOSE WHO SIN ARE NTO HIS CHILDREN, they are sons of the devil! God's children are the ones who OBEY Him. God gives UNDERSTANDING to those who seek Him, who OBEY Him, who OBEY the words of Jesus but wicked people reduce God to the level of A MAN. They think that God thinks the way that we do.
We need to FOLLOW Jesus and OBEY His words, not listen to people who “interpret” the Bible, “interpret” the words of Jesus and reduce God to the level and the thought pattern of a mere man. His ways are above our ways, His thoughts are above our thoughts, but if we LISTEN and OBEY He will give us UNDERSTANDING and He will teach us HIS WAYS. If we do not get to know His ways, OBEY Him and FOLLOW Him, we will not become part of His Kingdom and then we are not His children.
Those who are truly born again have the MIND OF CHRIST because they LISTEN to Jesus, they LISTEN to the guidance of the Holy Spirit who brings them up HIGHER, who puts them on a HIGHER LEVEL, the level of the thoughts and the mind of God. Do not think that you can reduce God to the level of a man, GOD IS NOT A MAN, GOD IS GOD!
Let Jesus give you WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING, LISTEN to Him, OBEY Him, FOLLOW Him and He will give yo UNDERSTANDING.

May Jesus bless you.

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