Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Binding Factor

The true sheep of the Lord Jesus Christ are a small flock that is scattered all over the world but they are all united because they are all of ONE SPIRIT. They LISTEN to Jesus Himself, they are led by the Holy Spirit and they seek to please Jesus. What binds them together is the SPIRIT that He has given in them. They follow Him wherever He goes, wherever He guides them, wherever He sends them and they DO what He tells them to do.
There are other sheep that have been stolen by organizations, churches, and they have become loyal you these organizations. They listen to people, they follow after hirelings and they do not serve Jesus, they serve all these divided “churches,” organizations that are divided against each other, divided against the Kingdom of God, they have NO RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. They do not know Him. They are of different spirits, they have religious spirits, Catholic spirit, Calvinist spirit, Baptist spirits, denominational spirits, but they DO NOT HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT and that is why they are not part of the flock of the Master, they do not belong to Him! They belong to a “church.” If you ask them about their faith they say they are a Catholic, a Presbyterian... and they want to know which little flock you belong to.
Do you belong to one of these flocks of men or do you belong to Jesus? Which spirit do you follow? What is the binding factor, what holds you onto the Body of Christ? Do you have the SPIRIT OF CHRIST or are you led by various doctrines and are you attached to people? Are you part of a group or are you part of the Kingdom of God? Do you LISTEN to your Shepherd, Jesus Christ and follow Him only or have you bound yourself to some organization? Are you bound to Jesus or to people?
Which spirit rules your life? The Holy Spirit, your own spirit or some religious spirit? Are you following Jesus Christ? Are you bound to HIM? Is He your Lord and Master? Do you belong to HIS FLOCK?

May Jesus Bless you.

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