Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Carnal Christians and unbelievers try to fix their problems through worldly means, natural ways. They do like the rest of the world. If they have relationship problems with other people they want to talk it right, preachers want to preach it right. Religious people apply a Bible verse and they want to manipulate people by using scripture, or they attend some magical seminar to sort out their relationships. They might go to the psychologist and talk about it or they go on medication. When the carnal Christian is sick then he goes to the doctor or he swallows a pill.
But the child of God PRAYS, he PRAYS about all his problems and he submits himself and his problem to Jesus Christ who KNOWS all things and who can fix all things. That is the difference between a true child of God and a carnal Christian who is the same as an unbeliever because he does not really believe that God can do anything about his problem. He has either got to get help from outside, from some professional or he will try to fix it himself because he does not KNOW Jesus Christ nor does he TRUST Jesus Christ.
A child of God, a true follower of Jesus Christ firstly submits himself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and asks the Lord to examine HIM, to make sure that HE is in the faith, that HE is in the will of God, say:”Lord examine me, test me and try me, see if there is in ME an evil way. Please lead ME on the right way.” And then I can with confidence take all my problems to Jesus and submit them to HIM, put all my problems under HIS LORDSHIP under HIS GOVERNMENT and TRUST HIM that He will fix it. If I do not trust Him and I try to fix it myself HE WILL NOT FIX IT because He does not share His glory with anybody.
A true child of God submits everything, all His problems, his whole life to Jesus Christ and then he himself stays focused on Jesus and makes sure that he stays in the will of God. Jesus said:”Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the other things will be added unto you.”
Don't try and fix it, pray it right but FIRST submit yourself to Jesus and then he will firstly fix YOU and He will fix your problem.

May Jesus bless you.

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