Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CHURCH Service at a Price YOUR SOUL

Church organizations are about SERVING YOU, the deceived believer with lies and deception that will cost you your soul. Church organizations are inspired by satan to deviate you from following Jesus Christ, to make you believe in the “Church” and redemption through the “Church.” Redemption and salvation is through obedience to Jesus Christ, following Him and obeying Him.
Church organizations offer you “service” off a menu. They give you what you are willing to pay for, most important they want your soul, they want you to serve the “church.” It is about serving the “church” that was inspired by satan.
The kingdom of God is not about YOU and I being served, it is about US serving the King of kings and the Lord of lords, JESUS CHRIST! Jesus Christ calls us TO SERVICE, He does not call us TO BE SERVED. The church will serve you with all kinds of lies and deception – they will baptize you AT A PRICE, they will serve you “communion with God” AT A PRICE, they offer you salvation WHICH THEY DON'T HAVE at a price! The price is that you must BELONG to the “church.” You sell your soul to satan, to the “church” and not to Jesus Christ.
If you are sitting in “church” you are not following Jesus, you are BEING SERVED by the preacher, the parrot in the pulpit who makes you fell good while you are going to hell because you are not following Jesus Christ. In return they want your MONEY, your DEVOTION, your TIME, your ATTENTION. They draw you AWAY from Jesus Christ. Church organizations are SATANIC, they belong to the devil and they will take you to hell!
A man of God takes you TO JESUS, a man of God brings you on your knees before the King of kings and the Lord of lords and then you serve HIM. You DENY yourself, EVERY DAY, you pick up your cross and you serve HIM, you follow HIM, you don't go to “church” to be served off the menu.
Are you following Jesus Christ or do you go to “Church” to be served at the expense of your soul. Have you sold your soul to the devil to the ”church?” Are you a Catholic or a Presbyterian, or a Baptist? Do you BELONG to the “church,” or do you belong to Jesus Christ? Are you a servant of God, a follower of Jesus Christ or does your soul belong to satan, does your soul belong to the “church?”
Are you following Jesus Christ under guidance of the Holy Spirit? Are you serving the Kingdom of God or are you being served false security and lies?

May Jesus bless you.

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