Thursday, August 14, 2014

CHEAP CHRISTIANITY will leave you ETERNALLY disappointed

Jesus Christ paid a dear price for the salvation of the world and those who follow Him will also pay the price. Jesus said of those who follow Him that:”You will be hated by all men.” He also said that :”Narrow is the door that lead to life and few there be that find it.” Jesus said that:”Whoever wishes to come after Me, must deny Himself, pick up his cross and follow Me every day.”
IF we follow Jesus Christ we WILL BE persecuted and hated. We will be rejected by the world. We will pay a price, a very dear price. If we are not rejected and persecuted, if we are not hated by the world then we are not following Jesus. There is no cheap Christianity. Those who follow Jesus, in whom Jesus lives are hated by the world. If you are not persecuted and rejected for Jesus then it shows that Jesus is not in you and you are not following Him and in the end you will be dearly disappointed because you don't know Jesus and He will say to you:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness.”
Those who follow Jesus will pay the price. It will cost you EVERYTHING, it might even cost you your life. Are you following Jesus or are you part of CHEAP CHRISTIANITY because in the end you will be the loser. You will end up in damnation with the hypocrites. Are you following Jesus? Are you paying the price?

May Jesus bless you.


  1. May I ask if rock music is a sin because I listen to rock where the theme is not sex drugs rebeling sinning etc please answer back soon god bless you

    1. Pray and ask Jesus to show you if He wants you listening to rock music, dear friend. Jesus bless you.