Saturday, August 16, 2014

Security of Salvation Delusion

The vast majority of Christian believers are under a strong delusion that will cause them to end up in eternal hell. Jesus only promised salvation to one single person and that was the thief hanging on the cross next to Him, a dying man who cried out to Jesus. Jesus did not promise salvation to any other person. There IS NO SECURITY OF SALVATION.
Jesus said that “he who endures until the end will be saved.” Most Christian believers are deluded, they think that they have security of salvation because they believe in Jesus and maybe they repented, were baptized and now they think they have a TICKET TO HEAVEN. They live in sin, they are like the rest of the world but yet they believe that they are saved and they are doing nothing to follow Jesus Christ. They have been deluded into PASSIVITY, they are not following nor obeying nor serving Jesus Christ yet they are confident of “their salvation.”
I was also like that, I also thought that as long as you pray every night and you ask Jesus forgiveness then you are OK and then I died of a heart attack and I found myself on my way to hell. I was also deluded, but Jesus woke me up and I am here to WAKE YOU UP, to WARN you that only those who TRULY follow Jesus Christ, who live in holiness and righteousness, and who follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit UNTIL THE END, only they have the HOPE of eternal life. Jesus said:”Narrow is the door that leads to life and few there be that find it.” Many will try hard and not be able. Most Christian believers are not even trying! They believe that they are SAVED, safe and sound, they have a ticket to heaven but they ARE ON THEIR WAY TO HELL because they are not following Jesus. They are not living in holiness, righteousness and obedience to Jesus Christ, they don't know His VOICE, they DON'T KNOW Jesus! They will end up in hell! They are deluded.
Are you also deluded or do you PRESS ON IN EVERY DAY? Do you follow Jesus Christ? Do you seek to HEAR HIS VOICE? Is your focus on Him? Or do you love the things of the world? Are you also deluded?
Get serious with Jesus before it is too late. Seek Him, obey Him, REPENT, be BAPTIZED IN WATER, ask Him for His Holy Spirit who will guide you into all truth IF YOU GO AFTER HIM! But if you don't you will PERISH. Only those who endure WITH JESUS until the VERY END have the HOPE of eternal life.
Do you have a LIVING HOPE in Jesus Christ because you are FOLLOWING HIM EVERY DAY? Or are you also DELUDED? Do you also think that you have security of salvation? Find your security IN JESUS, follow Him and endure until the very end.
May Jesus bless you.

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