Friday, August 22, 2014

Follow Jesus NOT the Bible

We have to KNOW, FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ to have eternal life. People who saw, heard, knew and some who followed Jesus wrote down the words that Jesus spoke in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Some of the apostles like Paul and John who had revelations of Jesus wrote down their TESTIMONIES in the epistles in the New Testament. We can read those TESTIMONIES but we have to KNOW Jesus for ourselves.
Jesus Christ is ALIVE, He is not in a book! He AROSE from the dead. Jesus Christ is LORD, He is God Almighty and He REVEALS Himself to those who seek Him. We have to KNOW Jesus of the Bible. If we SEEK Him and OBEY His words, REPENT of sin, ACCEPT Him as our Lord and Master, CRY OUT to Him with all out heart HE WILL ANSWER US. He will REVEAL HIMSELF to us. If we ACCEPT Jesus with all our heart, and REPENT of sin He will forgive us our past sins and He will give us a NEW BEGINNING, He will make us PURE and HOLY, but then we have to OBEY Him, BE HOLY, BE RIGHTEOUS, be BAPTIZED IN WATER for the WASHING OFF OF OUR SINS and once we have purified ourselves of unrighteousness He will allow His Spirit, the Holy Spirit to DWELL IN US, to be WITH US, to guide us every step of the way. We cannot go by the testimonies or the writings of other people, we have to get to KNOW Jesus Christ for ourselves, we need His Holy Spirit to GUIDE us. If we do not have the Spirit of Christ WE DO NOT BELONG TO HIM. Those who are led by the Spirit of God, THEY ARE THE SONS OF GOD! Not those who read the Bible and are religious. It is those who OBEY Jesus, who GO AFTER Him, who have received His Spirit and who OBEY the Holy Spirit, who follow His guidance, THEY GET TO KNOW Jesus, they WALK WITH HIM. They live in communion with Him.
We have to FOLLOW Jesus Christ the LIVING God. You cannot follow a book. You cannot follow the Bible. You have to KNOW Jesus and FOLLOW HIM. Call out to Him TODAY! Repent of sin, accept Him as your Lord and Master, be righteous, be holy, be baptized in water, SEEK the infilling with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit WILL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH. We need the Spirit of God to guide us or else we will NOT have eternal life. We have to KNOW Jesus Christ and FOLLOW Him every day, LIVE WITH HIM to have eternal life. You cannot follow the Bible, you have to follow Jesus Christ.

May Jesus bless you.

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