Monday, August 25, 2014

You HAVE TO go through the water

If you want to have eternal life and NOT perish in hell when you die then you HAVE TO follow and OBEY Jesus Christ. Once you have made up your mind to follow Jesus Christ and you have turned away from your futile lifestyle, the FIRST STEP that you take in obeying Jesus is to FOLLOW HIM through the WATERS OF BAPTISM for the washing off of your sins.
Most professing Christians have never taken that FIRST STEP, they have never gone through the water. If you refuse to follow Jesus through the water, you cannot follow Him, you will not receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus gives His Holy Spirit in those who HAVE BEEN BAPTIZED so that they can FOLLOW Him and so that they can HEAR HIS VOICE and be led by the Holy Spirit.
Attending a church, studying a Bible, associating with other Christians will not save you, you HAVE TO BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, you have to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST and the FIRST STEP that you take is to FOLLOW HIM THROUGH THE WATER. You have to be baptized for the WASHING OFF OF YOUR SIN. If you are not willing to follow Him through the water you cannot follow Him and you will not receive the Holy Spirit.
Nobody else can do it for you, parents cannot baptize their babies for salvation. You have to follow Jesus YOURSELF, by YOUR OWN DECISION. AFTER you HAVE REPENTED you must FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST THROUGH THE WATER. Be baptized in water and then HE will BAPTIZE YOU IN THE HOLY SPIRIT and He will give you the POWER the GUIDANCE to DO what He has called to you do. If you refuse to follow Him through the water you will not receive the Holy Spirit and you will not be guided by His Spirit because you refused to follow Him THROUGH THE WATER in the first place.
Have you started following Jesus? Have you gone THROUGH THE WATER?

May Jesus bless you.

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