Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bible knowledge cannot save you

Many people think that knowing the Bible, quoting scriptures and believing in Jesus will save them from eternal damnation. The only thing that will save you is your TESTIMONY, your RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ, your TRACK RECORD, what you have DONE since you read your Bible, whether you have found Jesus Christ and whether you OBEY Him, FOLLOW Him every day, live in HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Does Jesus KNOW YOU? Do you follow Jesus every day? Have you received the Holy Spirit? Are you LED by the Spirit of God and can you TESTIFY of your relationship with Jesus Christ?
If you do not have a testimony then you don't know Jesus and He does not know you and when you die He will say to you:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness.” It is not your knowledge of the Bible, how many scriptures you can quote, and how you can defend YOUR SALVATION, that is not what matters. What will count in the end is your TESTIMONY. DO YOU KNOW JESUS? Do you walk every day with Him? Can you tell the world that Jesus Christ is real? Can you testify of Jesus in your life today, what He has done, how He has changed you and what you are doing to serve Him in His Kingdom? Are you following Jesus Christ or do you just study the Bible and believe that is enough to save you?

Seek Jesus, get to know Him, follow Him, obey Him and you will have a testimony of Jesus Christ when you stand before Him. May Jesus bless you.

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