Sunday, August 24, 2014

Get SERIOUS about Jesus or get CUT OFF

If we receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and accept Jesus as our SAVIOR, Lord and Master, like so many do, by praying a SINNERS PRAYER then Jesus Christ takes us seriously. He ACCEPTS us, He takes us in as children of God, we get grafted into the VINE, the TRUE VINE, Jesus Christ Himself, He forgives our past sins, He makes us Children of God but then we have to KEEP OUR PROMISE to Him. We must OBEY Him and SERVE Him.
If we neglect to keep our PROMISE to Him and we refuse to OBEY Him, be BAPTIZED IN WATER, live HOLY and RIGHTEOUS, and FOLLOW Him, then the Holy Spirit will CONVICT us, He will DISCIPLINE us. He will not just leave us but if we keep on refusing to KEEP OUR PROMISE, if we keep on refusing to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus then eventually we will get CUT OFF.
He says that:”Every branch in Me that does not bear GOOD FRUIT will get CUT OFF AND BURNED but every branch that bears good fruit WILL BE PRUNED by the Master.” He will CORRECT such a branch so that they can bear more fruit through their OBEDIENCE to Jesus, through REMAINING IN Christ.
If you are SERIOUS about following Jesus and about OBEYING Him you will immediately ELIMINATE SIN, temptation and TURN AWAY from those things that separate you from Him. You will not love the things of the world any more, you will not go to the same places, you will not participate in the same things any more, you will not FIT IN WITH THE SAME FRIENDS and immediately you will be REJECTED, they will start PERSECUTING you because of Jesus and you will NEED Jesus, HIS PRESENCE, His HELP, TO STAY with Him but you will have to HANG ON TO HIM. He will give you the power to STOP SINNING, to RESIST TEMPTATION. Your love for Him and your DETERMINATION to follow Him will cause you to CHOOSE between friends, loved ones, the tings that you used to do and Jesus. You will immediately get into a STRUGGLE, but Jesus will be with you. He will never forsake you and He will never leave you but IF YOU LEAVE HIM He will coach you, the Holy Spirit will CALL you, DISCIPLINE you, stand in your way, He will prune you and ATTEMPT to bring you back, call you back to being totally dedicated to Jesus but if you KEEP ON REFUSING and turn away from Jesus eventually YOU WILL GET CUT OFF AND BURNED, you will end up in damnation!
Jesus will not force us to follow Him, He will respect our free will. If we persist in our evil ways and refuse to submit to Him He will respect our desires to separate ourselves from Him and we will get cut off from Him, from the Kingdom of God and we will end up in HELL. Jesus will accept us IF WE ARE SERIOUS and He will be with us always but if we are not serious about following and obeying Him, eventually WE WILL GET CUT OFF AND BURNED. The Spirit of God will not strive with man for ever. Jesus does not tolerate sin or disobedience. If we STUMBLE He will CORRECT us, DISCIPLINE us and bring us back to the right road, the NARROW WAY, but if we persist on the wrong way, the BROAD WAY, if we go OUR OWN WAY we will get CUT OFF AND BURNED, because NARROW is the DOOR that leads to life and FEW there be that find it. We have to STRIVE HARD, get into the STRUGGLE, deny ourselves every day, pick up our cross and follow Jesus. He will give us the strength to endure until the end IF WE ARE SERIOUS but if we are not serious we will get cut off.
How serious are we about our relationship with Jesus Christ? Will we endure until the end or will we give up and eventually be cut off and burned and end up in HELL with the children of disobedience? Be SERIOUS with Jesus!

May Jesus bless you.

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