Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What is on your MIND?

People talk about those things that are on their mind, those things that are dear to them. If we are truly born again and we love Jesus then we talk about Jesus, we tell everybody about Jesus and about what He has done in our lives, what Jesus is to us. We don't talk about “church” and recite Bible verses, we talk about Jesus Christ whom we FOLLOW and KNOW, the ONE who has revealed Himself to us, the One who is REAL. If Jesus is our life than we talk about HIM.
People profess to be Christians but they talk about all kinds of nonsense. They are interested in the things of the world but they don't talk about Jesus. They talk about the soccer and TV and the movies and what is happening in the world but they don't talk about what is happening in the kingdom of God, they don't talk about Jesus.
If we are truly born again and we walk with God, we are children of God, then we will be talking about Jesus Christ. We will be telling others about Jesus, we will be taking others to Jesus. All that will be on our mind is Jesus Christ. We will share our TESTIMONY with everybody so that they can also know Jesus.
I carry my testimony and I give it to people so that they can read it, so that they can know why Jesus is real to me. I believed I was saved but then I died and went to hell. That is what has happened to me! And I don't want others to go to hell. That is why I talk about Jesus. Jesus is my LORD, He is my KING and I SERVE HIM. If we truly love Jesus that is all that we will really want to talk about.
What is on your mind? Jesus or other things? We have to KEEP Him ON OUR MIND then we WILL NOT SIN against Him and we WILL DO THOSE THINGS THAT ARE PLEASING TO HIM.

May Jesus bless you

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