Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Most professing Christians heard the message of Jesus Christ or some twisted version of it preached in a church. Many of them grew up in churches and these people believe that if they become part of a church and serve the church, that they are serving God and that they will have eternal life. They get SUCKED UP by churches and church organizations. They become members, slaves and servants of church organizations. Many of them are serious about their religion, they spend vast amounts of money and effort to build the church. Some go to Bible schools, they become clergy and they serve the church.
These people think that they are doing God a favor but THEY DON'T KNOW JESUS CHRIST, they have not met Jesus. They believe that they have salvation but they are deceived because you can only have salvation if you have Jesus Christ, if you follow Him, if you LISTEN to His voice, you OBEY Him and you FOLLOW Him, not when you serve a church organization or a ministry.
Many people want to serve God and then they become part of a MINISTRY, they become MISSIONARIES but the vast majority of those don't even know Jesus Christ so how can they bring others to Jesus? They themselves are deceived and they deceive other people. There is only one way and that is Jesus Christ, the LIVING GOD, to KNOW Him, to FOLLOW Him and to OBEY Him, to be LED by the Holy Spirit. If you do not follow Jesus then you are not part of Him or of His Kingdom. You might belong to a church and be a pastor or a priest, you might serve the church but if you do not KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus Christ you are DOOMED!
There is only ONE WAY to know Jesus and that is to REPENT from sin, to ACCEPT Jesus Christ as your Lord and your MASTER, to OBEY Him, to live holy and righteous, to be baptized in water for the washing off of your sin and then Jesus will give His Holy Spirit to live in you, to GUIDE you, to TEACH you, to SEND you, to USE you, only then do you become part of His Kingdom.
Some people have met Jesus, they have been baptized, some have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and then they were SUCKED UP by a church or a ministry, they became servants of the church and the ministry, they are not led by the Holy Spirit, they serve the church and THE CHURCH DOES NOT SERVE GOD!
Are you following Jesus Christ? Have you received the Holy Spirit? Are you LED by the Holy Spirit? Do you have a TRUE and REAL RELATIONSHIP with the Living God? Or are you involved in CHURCH? Many of those who were called by Jesus to preach the gospel, have been SUCKED UP BY A CHURCH and they have been made useless for the Kingdom of God because now they serve CHURCH and they don't serve Jesus, they are LOST!
Are you serving and following Jesus Christ or are you involved in CHURCH, in a MINISTRY? Are you being led by the Holy Spirit and DOING the WILL OF GOD or are you playing church? Get to know Jesus Christ for REAL , be led by the Holy Spirit, serve Him and do HIS WILL and you will have eternal life. There is only ONE WAY to have ETERNAL LIFE and that is to KNOW Jesus Christ for REAL and to SERVE HIM with all your power. Don't get sucked up by CHURCH, FOLLOW Jesus.

May Jesus bless you.

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