Sunday, August 17, 2014


Those who truly SEEK Jesus Christ FIND HIM, but many people are like little children, they WANT and WANT and WANT. They are always CRYING because their life is about THEMSELVES. They never look up to Jesus and say:”Thank You Lord for this wonderful day! Thank You Lord for giving me everything that I have! Thank You Lord Jesus for giving me LIFE!” They are just focused on themselves, they are SELFISH and that is why they don't receive! Because they are not thankful for that which they already have. They do not SEE the hand of God in their lives.
Jesus said that:”Those who are PURE IN HEART will SEE God.” They will see God in everything that they get, that they receive so freely, that they enjoy. If we want more of Jesus in our lives WE MUST START THANKING HIM, praising Him for that which He HAS GIVEN US ALREADY! He gives us the BREATH THAT WE BREATHE, the opportunity to KNOW HIM! If you want to be FILLED with the Holy Spirit, purify your heart, get rid of the sin in you, the unthankfulness, the wickedness and you will be pure of heart and you will SEE GOD. If you start praising Jesus and start thanking Him for that which He has given to you already then He will fill you with even MORE.
Get your focus on Jesus. Forget about yourself. Stop being like a spoiled brat, like a child that just always WANTS MORE AND MORE AND MORE. They are never satisfied, they are always crying for MORE. You will get nothing. Start thanking Jesus and live to PLEASE HIM. It is not about what YOU can get out of Jesus, how He must speak to YOU to gratify YOU. It is about you and I living FOR Jesus and being pleasing to HIM. Then He will reveal Himself to us. Jesus has already done it all for us, He paid the price, now it is our turn to GIVE BACK TO HIM.
We need to GIVE UP OUR RIGHT to ourselves, we need to LIVE TO PLEASE HIM and then we will become part of HIS KINGDOM. It is not about you, not about me. Start praising Jesus, seek HIM for the sake of KNOWING HIM, being thankful to HIM and you will find Him. He will reveal Himself to you and you will WALK WITH GOD. If you truly seek Him with all your heart you will find Him, you will SEE HIM in everything around you.

May Jesus bless you.  

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