Saturday, August 9, 2014


We read in the book of Samuel in the Bible that Samuel was a little boy and God spoke to him, God called him. He did not know that it was God calling him. Then Eli, the priest, told him to go and WAIT and LISTEN, and when God speaks to him again he must say:”Speak Lord, Thy servant is LISTENING.”
God is calling many people, He is speaking to them but they do not know that it is God speaking to them. Are you LISTENING? Do you HEAR His VOICE? Do you take time to LISTEN? Are you tuned in? If you go and WAIT on the Lord and LISTEN, He will speak to you because He cares for you. Are you taking time to wait on the Lord? Do you care to hear His voice? If we do not care to hear His voice and if we do not SEEK Him, if we do not LISTEN, we will not get to KNOW HIM.
Most people have no relationship with God, they do not HEAR FROM GOD. Maybe they say a quick prayer or they practice religion but THEY HAVE NO INTERACTION FROM GOD because they are NOT LISTENING.
If we LISTEN God will speak to us. If we WAIT on Him PATIENTLY He will reveal Himself to us but we HAVE TO BE SERIOUS. Take time, and LISTEN and you will HEAR the Lord SPEAKING to you.

May Jesus bless you.

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