Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whiners complainers Procrastinators GOD HATES

If we are not eager to go after Jesus every day to follow Him and obey Him and do all the things that He commands, all those things that are pleasing to Him then we ARE NOT WORTHY OF HIM. Jesus will not beg us to follow Him. Jesus is LORD, He is KING and if we want eternal life we must SERVE Him as King and joyfully do what He requires of us.
Many Christians cannot stop sinning, they cannot do what Jesus wants them to do, THEY ARE NOT WORTHY, they are NOT SERIOUS. Others procrastinate, they say:”One day I will follow Jesus, one day I will go after Him.” Many are hoping for a DEATH BED REPENTANCE, they want to enjoy the pleasures of sin for as long as they possibly can and then they want to slip into the back door of heaven – there is no back door! If we are not willing to JOYFULLY go after Jesus and give everything that He requires without complaining, without moaning and whining then we are not worthy of Him. Luke warm Christians Jesus will VOMIT OUT OF HIS MOUTH. We have to be on FIRE for Jesus.
Many Christians think they do Jesus a favor if they testify or as they say EVANGELIZE. Jesus said:”Whoever denies Me and is ashamed of Me among this wicked generation, I will also deny him before My Father and His holy angels.” If we are not eager to represent Jesus Christ, be witnesses for Him, follow Him and obey Him, DO whatever He requires, then we are not worthy of Him and we will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Many so called Christians even refuse to START following Jesus, they refuse to be baptized in water and then they think they are saved, they are LOST and DOOMED!
Jesus requires wholehearted devotion and obedience or else HE WILL VOMIT US OUT!

May Jesus bless you.

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