Saturday, August 9, 2014

LOST without a Bible

Most professing Christians will be lost without a Bible. If they do not have a Bible they do not have faith and they have nothing to stand on, they have no proof for their faith because their faith is based on a book written by men who knew God.
Most Christians do not know Jesus, they do not know His voice, they do not follow Him, they have no relationship with Him whatsoever. They base their faith on scriptures and they “prove” their salvation with scripture but they have no testimony of meeting Jesus Christ. They do not walk with Him, they do not know Him at all. They would be LOST without their Bible but what THEY DO NOT KNOW is that THEY ARE LOST BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW JESUS. They do not follow Him and they do not obey Him and they will perish in their sins because if they were following Jesus and OBEYING Him they would SIN NO MORE. They would do His will and Jesus would be seen in them, they would be the Light of the World, they would be the Body of Christ if they KNEW and FOLLOWED Jesus but now they are LOST because they believe in a book. They do not know Jesus Christ whom the Book talks about.
Are you LOST without Jesus because you cling to a Bible or have you met Jesus and do you KNOW His VOICE? Do you follow him and do you SERVE Him as Lord and Master?

May Jesus bless you.

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