Saturday, August 23, 2014


It is always difficult to follow Jesus Christ. It is a STRUGGLE and you have to apply yourself to it every day. Jesus said you must DENY YOURSELF, PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW HIM. It is a narrow and difficult road. In the eyes of the world it is INSANE but that is the WAY.
The WAY that Jesus takes you, WHERE He guides you, WHAT He tells you to DO is IMPOSSIBLE in the eyes of the world. It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE if you you do not DENY yourself and TRUST in Jesus FULLY. Without Jesus you cannot do it. Without Jesus you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no road map to heaven, you cannot walk by a Book and think that you will end up in heaven, you have to go WITH Jesus EVERY STEP of the way or else you will not make it.
It is often DANGEROUS, you will be LONELY, you will be REJECTED, you will be PERSECUTED, you might GET KILLED if you follow Jesus. Don't expect it to be an easy road. It is IMPOSSIBLE without Jesus and that is why so very FEW are willing to follow Jesus Christ. Most people quit, they stop following Jesus. Very few endure until the very end.
The only way that you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven is if you LISTEN to Jesus, FOLLOW Him, OBEY Him and ENDURE until the very end. You need to LFOE, LISTEN, FOLLOW, OBEY and ENDURE every day until the very end. Stay with Jesus, hang on to Him because without Him you will not make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a STRUGGLE.

May Jesus bless you.

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