Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dangerous Beliefs the Wrong Mindset

Most people are stuck in their own ways and their own beliefs, those things that they have grown up with, that they believe to be true and valid and right and they are not easily convinced or convicted, they do not easily change their mind. They stay with those things which they believe to be right, those things that work for them and they reject everything else. Generally people are opinionated, unteachable, and that is why they are stuck in their ways. They defend their own deficiencies. Many Christians say they CANNOT STOP SINNING because they believe the lies and the brainwashing of the devil.
We need to be CHANGED by the RENEWAL OF OUR MINDS and therefor we need to OPEN OUR MIND to Jesus Christ and let Him TEACH US. Let Him work His way in us, to transform us into His likeness and He will refute many of the beliefs that we had. He will PROVE THEM WRONG if we open our mind and say:”Lord, please teach me.” But if we run to other people and read all their little books and the OPINIONS OF MEN we will be confused and deceived. There is only one way to be pleasing to God, there is only one way to have eternal life, there is only one way to become a child of God and to have the mindset of a child of God and that is to be TAUGHT BY JESUS HIMSELF.
We need to OPEN OUR MIND, our heart to Jesus and say:”Lord, teach me please.” He will teach us things that go against our beliefs but we HAVE TO TRUST HIM ABOVE EVERYTHING. If we do not trust Jesus above everything, above our own insight of the Bible and those things that we have been taught and that we believe to be fixed, true and valid then we will perish. We have to trust Jesus above everything and He will reveal Himself to us.
We have to repent of, turn away from our OWN OPINIONS and beliefs, we must SACRIFICE them. We must open our minds and say Lord and say:”Lord, I believed this and that and the other but PLEASE SHOW ME THE WAY,” and then Jesus will teach us.
Most Christians are LIKE EACH OTHER or like other Christians, like another group of believers, many are like the world but VERY FEW ARE LIKE JESUS because THEY DON'T LISTEN TO HIM. They don't open their mind and their heart to Jesus. Most of them are SINNERS, they are like satan but THEY BELIEVE that THEY ARE SAVED! They are DECEIVED, they are LOST and they are DOOMED!
Open your mind and your heart and let Jesus CHANGE you. Be RENEWED, made absolutely NEW by the renewal of your mind! For those who believe in Jesus ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Many believers have an “impossible mindset” because they don't know Jesus. To them it is IMPOSSIBLE to obey Jesus, IMPOSSIBLE to STOP SINNING but for those who have been changed, renewed, who have become sons of God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE because they walk with the King! They are children of God.

May Jesus bless you.

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